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Overhauling of industrial gearboxes

Have your old gear system revamped to make it as good as new! The Eisenbeiss industrial gearbox repair center is perfectly equipped to deal with even the most arduous gear-system repairs in the shortest possible time and complying with the highest quality requirements.

In the course of a good-as-new overhaul the gear system is completely dismantled and cleaned. Every toothed part's integrity is checked by ultrasonic or magnetic-particle inspection (in accordance with inspection certificate EN10204/3.1.B). In order to rule out serious damage to the gearbox housing, it is also possible to measure housing parts accurately and check for impermissible deformation. Should replacement parts be needed they are fabricated (after checking with the customer) using the state-of-the art machine park of Eisenbeiss. Replacing all bearings is an integral part of every good-as-new overhaul in line with Eisenbeiss' tough quality criteria.


Instandsetzung KettenzuggetriebePicture: Good-as-new overhaul of a worm-spur-planetary gear unit (Chain hoist drive). Amongst other works, the broken middle section of the housing has been re-manufactured as a welded part.

Magnetpulver-RissprüfungPicture: Magnetic-particle crack detection according to  test certificate EN10204/3.1.B

GehäusevermessungPicture: Housing measurement via a state-of-the-art FARO-measuring arm

VerzahnungsvermessungPicture: Measurement of toothing geometry of a damaged pinion shaft

Eisenbeiss FertigungPicture: Manufacturing of replacement parts on the state-of-the-art machine park of Eisenbeiss: Tooth grinding of spur gear wheels up to 1.800mm diameter.

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